Code of Ethics

  1. Paramount responsibility shall be to our customers, community and country and we will use honesty as our guiding policy.

  2. Shall deal professionally and fairly with our customers, suppliers, sub-contractors, realtors, employees, and other guild members.

  3. Shall use high standards of workmanship and materials for the construction of our homes.

  4. Shall be committed citizens of the Triangle through our community service and charitable activities.

  5. Shall comply with North Carolina Residential Building Code regulations as well as local, state, and Federal government agency rules and regulations for the health, safety and progress of the community.

  6. Shall not perform any act which would bring ill-repute to the home building industry.

  7. Shall keep abreast of new techniques of management and construction through continuing education.

  8. Shall be leaders throughout the Triangle, State, and Country in the home building industry.

  9. Shall be alert to examine proposed legislation that could be detrimental to social and economical progress.

  10. Shall have a minimum of ten years of home building experience.